Our history

Where do we come from?

We are Sarah and Aymeric Discours, two former lawyers who made the choice, in 2021, to leave our lawyer-dress and Parisian lifestyle to work the vines in Languedoc.

We both grew up in or near wine regions, in France (Var, Jura, Burgundy, Alsace and Médoc) but also abroad (especially in South Africa), and have long been passionate about wine and the cultivation of the vine. It is no coincidence that in 2009 we celebrated our wedding in the middle of the Monbazillac vineyards.

The search for the winery of our dreams led us, at the start of 2021, to the village of Alignan-du-Vent, near Pézenas, where we ended up putting our suitcases (and our two small happy daughters).

Our favorite at first sight

We fell in love with a small wine estate there. It is a hole of greenery where a stream, the Bourdic, sings. A small haven of nature and calm, this area fulfilled many of our wishes:

– conducted in organic farming for more than two decades,

– a modest area of ​​8 hectares, 5 of which are planted with vines, which allowed us to take care of the vines at our own pace, without being (too) overwhelmed by the scale of the task,

– already producing high quality wines,

all in Languedoc (and more specifically in the Côtes de Thongue vineyard, which we talk about in more detail here, which we have long considered to be a wine region with very strong potential, full of resources and future.

Our installation

In close connection with Safer Occitanie, we were finally able to acquire this small estate, where we are happy to live at the time of writing these few lines.

In parallel with our administrative procedures to prepare our professional retraining, we followed the lessons of a viticulture-oenology BTS by correspondence, in order to acquire knowledge in botany, chemistry, agronomy, agricultural machinery, etc., essential to the exercise of our new activity.

Then we trained in a more concrete way, boots in the ground. In Burgundy first, with Céline and Vincent Ravaut, winegmakers in Ladoix-Serrigny, whose kindness towards us is matched only by the high quality of their wines. Then in Pomerol, with Paule and Michel Dubois, friends of the family for three decades whom we can never thank enough.

And finally we arrived in our little corner of paradise in July 2021… just in time to take charge of the estate and begin our first harvests and our first vinification less than two months later.

What an adventure !