Our wines

You will find here all the products we have created since our arrival at Domaine du Bourdic.

Our range, entirely organic, consists of four wines: a “blanc de noirs” (white wine from black grapes), a rosé and two reds. The names we have given to these wines are references to our former life as lawyers. We provide more details below, product by product. This range will soon be completed by a third red wine, which we have chosen to leave to age in oak barrels for the time being.

Our spirits

In addition to the wines, there are now two spirits, created from the organic wine produced by Domaine du Bourdic. The name of these drinks may not be immediately obvious. To explain why, a point of law is in order!

Within the meaning of Regulation 2019/787/EU of 17 April 2019, the following may not be referred to as “. pastis ” and ” gin “that spirit drinks produced from ” ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin “This type of alcohol is defined as (in particular, the definition is in fact somewhat more complex) a liquid with a minimum alcoholic strength by volume of 96.0% and with no “ no detectable taste “. The consequence of this regulatory framework for ethyl alcohol is that only industrially distilled spirits are likely to meet this definition. Our wines, on the other hand, have been distilled in an artisanal manner, so that the spirit obtained from them cannot be qualified as ethyl alcohol within the meaning of Regulation 2019/787/EU. That’s why we don’t offer you gin or pastis, but two organic spirits, produced in an artisanal way in century-old copper stills from Charente, and which should not be called gin or pastis…

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