From a chronological point of view, Hammurabi is our very first cuvée.

It is a dry white wine, organic like all our wines, which is distinguished by the great particularity of its production. Created from Cinsault, a black grape variety usually intended for the production of red or possibly rosé wines, Hammurabi is a “blanc de noirs”, obtained by rapid direct pressing, without any maceration.

With a very pale robe, with silver reflections, on a delicate register of white flowers, it develops notes of fresh pear, lemon zest, white pepper and flint.

Fluid in the mouth and with a mineral finish, its name is a dedication to our former life as lawyers.

Hammurabi is the name of a king of Babylon who reigned between 1792 and 1750 BC., author of the “Code of Hammurabi”, a 2.25 meter high stele now on display at the Louvre Museum.

Written in cuneiform script and in the Akkadian language, the “Code of Hammurabi” is known to be the most complete of the codes of laws of ancient Mesopotamia that have come down to us.

For law students, it’s kind of a starting point. Hammurabi is now the starting point of our oenological adventure.

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